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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers have been given apple- or ruler-themed gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week for years. We’re pretty sure they already have plenty of these items, so be original this year. Show your thanks with a gift from the heart. We’ve lined up three great ideas to show your child’s teacher just how grateful you are during […]

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preschool in Gilbert AZ

Holiday Gift Ideas from your Preschool in Gilbert AZ

If you’re not finished with your Christmas shopping, consider these classic gift ideas from your child’s preschool in Gilbert AZ that not only help kids learn basic skills, but also help your family spend time together: Blocks are building tools that help engage kids’ minds, encourage their creativity, and build fine motor skills. Play is […]

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top parenting blogs

Top Parenting Blogs

Since kids don’t come with instructions, we as parents have to figure out how to raise them so they reach their full potential as adults. Parenting is the most difficult yet most rewarding job there is. You can have an idea of what being a parent is like, but once you actually have kids, your […]

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Infant Development

Infant Development Milestones

There are so many things to learn when you have a new baby! And making sure baby grows the way she is supposed to is important. Infant development is measured in milestones that each baby meets around the same time, though you shouldn’t stress if yours is a little later to meet some milestones than […]

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games for toddlers

Games for toddlers: tooth brushing fun

Because our little ones only have baby teeth, some parents might think they don’t have to worry too much about these temporary teeth. However, decay and infection in the mouth can often lead to bigger, more permanent health problems. So we need to teach our kids now to keep their teeth healthy throughout their lives. […]

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