Holiday Gift Ideas from your Preschool in Gilbert AZ

If you’re not finished with your Christmas shopping, consider these classic gift ideas from your child’s preschool in Gilbert AZ that not only help kids learn basic skills, but also help your family spend time together:

  1. Blocks are building tools that help engage kids’ minds, encourage their creativity, and build fine motor skills. Play is essential to child development and blocks of all sorts (wooden, Lego, etc.) have been helping kids develop physical coordination and create worlds in their imaginations since the beginning of time (okay, maybe they started out with rocks)! Blocks are timeless toys that are also tools.
  2. Bikes help develop physical coordination as well as independence. Learning to balance and steer, then navigating on their own gives kids a sense of accomplishment. The whole family can preschool in Gilbert AZgo on bike rides together, but as kids get older and become more responsible, riding a bicycle to see friends or to the store helps them gain independence.
  3. Dolls are a lot of fun. Whether they’re baby dolls with bottles and blankets, American Girl dolls with history lessons and accessories, or superhero characters with adventures your child imagines, each of these different options unlocks new experiences and opportunities to learn. How do you take care of a baby? What was life like for kids in the past? What kind of adventure can I go on today? Dolls can be a great choice for all kids, but make sure it’s something they want before buying one.
  4. Games and puzzles can provide hours of fun family time. They also increase mental acuity, physical dexterity, and problem solving skills. Play the classics that you grew up with, like Monopoly, checkers, and chess, or try a new one you don’t have. When buying a puzzle, make sure it’s age appropriate so younger children won’t get frustrated with pieces that are too small and older kids find the puzzle challenging enough.
  5. Experiences are what memories are made of, so take your child on a vacation or to get ice cream – just because. During the holidays, there are so many fun things to do with kids. You can check out the North Pole in Flagstaff, the Polar Express in Williams, the Christmas lights on the houses around town, and there’s always a visit to Santa! Your time and attention are the best gifts you can give.

Start with this list if you are looking for classic gifts. You can also talk to your child’s teacher for unique educational ideas, too. The teachers at your child’s preschool in Gilbert, AZ can help you choose the best gift for your child based on how they learn in the classroom! Just remember, the best part of Christmas is being with those you love. Enjoy it!

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