Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood EducationWith the holidays quickly approaching, you may be trying to think of the perfect gift for your little ones – no matter their age. We think about what they’ve been asking for, what will keep them engaged and learning, what is affordable, and sometimes even what will hurt the least when I step on it in the middle of the night. Kids are learning about the world around them through exploration and the holidays are a great time to encourage their curiosity and excitement for early childhood education. We’ve come up with five great gift ideas that also help your child enjoy learning:

  1. Museum membership. Though not exactly exciting to open on Christmas morning, you could include a toy from the museum’s gift shop or other relevant gift. If your child enjoys art, check out local art museums. The same goes for history, trains, music, etc. And most museums offer free days if your budget won’t allow for an actual membership – just Google each museum to see when those dates are. Doing some research on the museum’s topic before visiting is an ideal way to help your kids in their early childhood education. Before visiting, ask questions like, “What does art mean to you.” Follow up with the same question after the visit and discuss any differences.
  2. Science kits. There are monthly subscriptions where a science kit full of fun, age appropriate projects comes in the mail. Or you could just order one through Amazon, using our school’s link! You can always create one yourself; just look on Pinterest, where there are hundreds of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Your young scientist’s early childhood education may one day change the world!
  3. Lessons. Dance, art, sports, music, martial arts – the possibilities are endless! Again, not necessarily fun to open on Christmas morning, but you can be creative and have them open something that might go along with the lesson: tap shoes, paints and canvas, a ball and glove, an instrument, or a karate uniform. You can also check out YouTube where there is no shortage of videos on every subject to improve your child’s early childhood education.
  4. Books. Give kids a membership to a book of the month club, a gift card to a local book store, or just make regular visits to the library part of your routine. Emilie Buchwald said, “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents,” so go make some readers!
  5. Time. The most important thing you could ever give to your child is your time. Your complete and undivided attention is priceless and something they will always remember and value. They will know you love them and that you think learning is important if you spend your time learning with them.

Early childhood education starts with encouraging our kids to love learning and exploring. At Life Learning Center Preschool and Child Care, we create an environment that inspires that love of learning. We look forward to a great holiday season with your little ones and thank you for trusting us with their early childhood education.

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