Your Day Care Center: Where We Make Learning Fun!

When kids are running around, playing, and having fun, they are learning about the world around them. If it’s done right, the kids won’t even know they’re learning! There are many fun ways to teach kids about math, science, music, and art. Teaching in a fun way should be second nature to your child’s day care center. Our day care center will not only prepare them for kindergarten, it will also help them learn. Here are three ways Life Learning Center Preschool makes learning fun for your little ones:

  1. Play: Playing can teach kids critical thinking skills, strategy, and physical coordination. From matching games to memory games, hide and seek to tag, your child is learning. We play matching games and running games here, and we make sure there’s plenty of free time so kids can play the games they want. Playing games when they’re at home or in the car also helps them learn about the world around them. Playing I Spy, 20 Questions while you’re in the car, or finding the alphabet on the signs you drive by can be fun. At home, there are lots of games day care center you can play with your kids to help them learn, including Memory or Sequence, or you can play games outside like tag and kick the can. You are not only increasing their brain power, but the time you spend with your kids makes memories your kids – and you! – will always cherish.
  2. Music: Memorizing words while listening to music (the song lyrics, their phone number and address) builds memory muscles in the brain, making things like multiplication tables and poems easier to remember. Listening to background music (without words) increases the ability to focus on a task for some kids, while also decreasing anxiety and depression.
  3. Create: Using building blocks to create stuff (obstacle courses, towers, cities), painting or coloring pictures, dancing, and even playing with bubbles allows kids to use all their senses to learn. These kinds of activities are crucial for brain development and provides a solid foundation as your child continues to learn as they grow.

At your favorite day care center, Life Learning Center Preschool, we know how important it is for kids to love learning at such an early age. Even though it seems like they’re just having fun, they are really beginning to understand how the world works, how they fit into it, and how to find joy in learning. We are happy to be a part of that experience with your children.

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