Games for toddlers: tooth brushing fun

games for toddlersBecause our little ones only have baby teeth, some parents might think they don’t have to worry too much about these temporary teeth. However, decay and infection in the mouth can often lead to bigger, more permanent health problems. So we need to teach our kids now to keep their teeth healthy throughout their lives. There are lots of games for toddlers that teach kids how to keep their teeth healthy to make it fun for them.

In honor of National Dentist Day on March 6th, here are some guidelines and games for toddlers to teach them all about how to take care of their teeth:

Visit the Dentist

Dentist’s recommend scheduling your baby’s first visit to the dentist within six months of your baby getting their first tooth. Regular checkups every six months will then help spot any problems early on. The dentist can also put sealants on certain teeth to provide extra protection against cavities. These fun games for toddlers can help your child feel comfortable going to the dentist.

Brush your Teeth                                                                             

Brushing one or two teeth may seem silly, but dentists actually recommend rubbing a wet washcloth around baby’s gums at least once a day. Once kids are old enough to hold their own toothbrush, you should let them take a turn brushing their teeth, as long as you’re completely brushing their teeth afterward. Kids should be supervised when they brush their teeth until they are old enough to do it correctly on their own to make sure they are doing it thoroughly. Here are some fun games for toddlers to play to help them brush their teeth properly.

Teaching your kids to keep their teeth healthy while they’re still young will give them the skills they need to avoid expensive, painful, and sometimes health threatening issues as they get older. We love our dentists and everything they do for us!

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