Teaching Your Child Toddler Games to be Healthy

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Play “Where Did I Come From?” at the Farmer’s Market

As a parent, there are many important life skills to teach your child and with today’s obesity epidemic, we should take that responsibility even more seriously. Teaching your child to be healthy can give them the tools they need to make good decisions and to be healthy throughout their life. Things are easier to learn when they are fun, so here are a few toddler games you can do to help you teach your kids to be healthy.

1 – At http://pbskids.org/games/healthy-habits/, there are games that toddlers can play on a tablet or mobile phone. Kids can learn about good sleeping habits, how to shop at the grocery store, and about how getting enough exercise and eating the right foods means making healthy choices.

2 – Finding a great preschool printable that your child can color or draw on teaches kids in a different way than online activities do. The preschool printables at this site can teach kids about the five food groups and help them understand which foods are an “always” choice or a “hardly ever” choice.

3 – Sometimes toddler games played right at the table are the best way to reinforce concepts that you’re trying to teach. One of the most educational games is Where Did I Come From (the food, not the child). If you’re eating an apple together, for example, ask, “Where did I come from?” (you can even use a silly voice and pretend you’re the apple) and keep giving clues until they get it right. Other examples include potatoes/root veggies, lemon/tree, milk/cow, bread/wheat crop, honey/bees, etc. This is fun to play at a farm or grower’s market so kids can see what ‘real foods’ really look like.

However you teach your kids about the importance of eating, being, and staying healthy, think about using these age appropriate toddler games or preschool printables. Knowing how to be healthy is one of the most important life skills that you will teach your child. Because we know how important it is, we teach it here at school, too. Like the saying goes, the more you know, the more you grow.

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