3 Ways to Teach Children to Be Kind at Day Care in Gilbert AZ

Day Care in Gilbert AZExpressing kindness at your child’s day care in Gilbert, AZ or anywhere could easily solve a lot of the world’s problems. George Bush, Sr. called for a “kinder, gentler nation” in 1988, and we could still use that reminder today. Especially with everything that has been happening in our country lately. Teaching kindness starts with our children. And not just when they’re at home, but at school, too. At Life Learning Center, your day care in Gilbert, AZ, we know that when the kids are kind to each other, everyone is kinder. This leads to children leading happier and kinder lives as they grow up, too.

Here are three ways we can teach kids to be kind.

  1. Example – Kids copy what they see, so the more often they see kindness, the more it becomes normal and expected. When they see us treat each other with respect, use manners, listen, and help, we are setting the example of expected behavior.
  2. Opportunity – When something unkind happens to your child or he was the unkind one, take the opportunity to teach him about kindness. Ask him how it made him feel or if he’d like to feel like that. Then discuss what he can do next time it happens.
  3. Time – Make the time to be kind to those you don’t usually see or think about. Giving a homeless person food or helping an elderly person at the supermarket are two examples. If you want to do something, but you aren’t sure where to start, justserve.org lists volunteer opportunities near you.

Knowing that kindness makes the world a better place helps our children grow into adults who are kind. Help make your children’s future brighter by teaching them kindness when they’re at their day care in Gilbert, AZ, out running errands, playing with their friends, or anywhere.

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